The git repo for this project can be found here which also includes the needed libraries (which at the moment is just the Neopixel library)


This project was part of a group project that was presented as a final for an embedded systems course. A large report was written on the ins and outs of the project, so instead of copying the information I will just direct you to that report. It can be found here. 

This was, and remains, one of the coolest hardware projects I've ever done. It was colorful, musical, and just plain fun to play with. I've long since... decommissioned the project, but at some point would love to come back to it. This project taught me a lot about keeping things simple. The concept was fairly straightforward, make music with an accelerometer, and the execution was just as simple. Yet, something beautiful came out as a result, and it was nice to end the semester with a fully functional and fun project.