The source for swaggest-test can be found on Github here.
There is also an NPM library under swaggest-test.


When I was at Motel we were using Swagger to define and document APIs. We were looking for ways to do more with Swagger, like verification and tests, and stumbled upon swagger-test. Swagger-test allows you to define API endpoint tests within your Swagger specification, which is pretty cool. However, we quickly realized that swagger-test is a very basic library with limited features. For this reason, we decided to build our own documentation driven testing scheme, with support for things like implied parameter typing, variables, and more in depth response testing. swaggest-test does just that. It is a simpler way to define API tests using your Swagger spec, and strives to be as DRY as humanly possible.

This project was instrumental in teaching me more about how developers think. As a software engineer myself, I know how easy it is to implement a feature and completely ignore testing and documentation. This made me rethink things, and start architecting systems so that not only is it easier in general to add testing and documentation, it's a seamless part of the process.



As with most of my software, swaggest-test is licensed under Beerware r42.