One of my main hobbies is music curation. This involves constantly finding new music and categorizing it into appropriate playlists. As such, I have a large number of well organized playlists, and wanted to talk about a few of my favorites here.



A T M O S all started when I went through a bit of a future bass phase in March 2018. One of the artists that I was listening to a lot was DROELOE, and they have a spectacular Spotify playlist called REAL SHIT that includes a ton of this style of music. I decided to branch off of that and build my own future forward playlist filled with glitchy beats and heavy samples.


I listen to primarily electronic music. I am not, however, and EDM purist. I do believe that there is a time and place for it, and that time and place is usually when I'm working or hanging out on my own. Yam is my go at an indie rock playlist that's more appropriate for having a beer with friends or dinner parties.


steel drum

This playlist started as a bit of a joke. My friends and I are big fans of JQBX, a music service where you connect your Spotify and switch off playing songs. We had been doing "theme days" for a while, and one day decided to do an "instrument day." We picked the steel drum, favorite instrument of tropical house producers and The Beach Boys alike, and this was the result.