This project was part of a 2 person group project that was presented as a final project for the Digital Design Lab course. A large report was written on the ins and outs of the project, so instead of copying the information I will just direct you to that report. It can be found here. 


In signal processing, a huge concern is always noise and the signal-to-noise ratio, or the amount of useful stuff compared to the amount of useless stuff. The human body, quite simply, has a lot of noise, and the filtering does not always go exactly as you would expect. There were lots of failures when it came to analyzing these signals. This project taught me to recognize failure, toss the broken solution, and start again with a new outlook. Persistence is the solution to any problem.

Aerobit was more-or-less given a second wind in my CU Boulder Senior Project, Lifeline. You can read more about that here.