Short Bio:


Will Drach is a well balanced software engineer knowledgeable about many web-based technologies. He is experienced in continuous integration practices and putting code into production at a large scale for both internal products and paying clients. He's known for his reliability, consistent code quality, and problem solving abilities.


Summer 2017 - PRESENT
Associate Software Engineer

  • Helped architect a no-code platform for ERP applications, with a focus on query management and automated documentation.
  • Maintained ownership of multiple UI components.
  • Built a simple UI for an end user to produce complex data queries.
  • Contributed to many component reworks to improve maintainability and modularization for complex pieces of code.
  • Solved large scale RxJS problems with a focus on parallelism and performance.
  • Lead development of an automated documentation engine.
  • Consistently pushed for improving the maintainability, performance, and test completeness of the code base.
  • Designed a blockchain transaction platform for performing decentralized transactions across customer, server, and database boundaries.

Fall 2015 - Spring 2017
Full stack developer

  • Worked as a backend developer for a Node/Express 4 based API.
  • Worked as a feature developer for a Node, RethinkDB, Express 4, and Angular based web application.
  • Built a dynamic image resizing service using Node, Redis, and Restify.
  • Built an API using AWS Lambda and API Gateway to perform a reformat on a database entry.
  • Built multiple API and front-end unit testing frameworks, including building an open source NPM library (swaggest-test) to assist this.

University of Colorado at Boulder
Summer 2014 - fall 2015
systems administrator

  • Performed basic administration tasks such as account creation, certification renewal, and server setup.
  • Internal work including managing user accounts and creating template virtual machines.
  • Client work ranging from permissions problems to hardware failure.
  • Python programming including multiple production scripts.

Summer 2013
Systems Administratration Intern

  • Built (software only) and configured multiple basic Ubuntu Linux systems.
  • Setup Nagios based server-side monitoring.
  • Participated in VictorOps’ (Nagios API based on-call monitoring) early alpha.

Flixmaster/Rapt Media
Summer 2012
Quality Analysis Intern

  • Found issues on an HTML5 based website before it launched.
  • Used various tools (Firebug, Wireshark) to ensure the website was secure and working properly.

Precision Steel Tech
2011 - 2013

  • Worked with a small team to produce steel pieces for metal roofing
  • Learned a lot about shop safety
  • Learned how to accurately shape steel using basic shop instruments (drill press, rubber mallet, tin snips) in order to produce pieces with low error tolerances.

Online Commerce Networks
2010 - 2012

  • Built a site for selling unique cufflink designs. The site was built on Prostores using Shipwire integration to handle logistics.
  • Communicated with Chinese manufacturers in order to bulk order a product.


University of Colorado at Boulder
2013 - 2017

Electrical and Computer Engineering Major
Computer Science Minor

Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Track
Engineering, Science, & Society Certificate

Major GPA: 3.61 Total GPA: 3.55

ThunderRidge High School  

GPA: 3.6      7 AP classes, 2 concurrent enrollment classes


2016 - 2018

  • Built an application in Angular.JS and Node to quickly view financial information fetched from CSV exports on an S3 instance.
  • Further iterations included modifiable formulas and graphing utilities, as well as cryptocurrency integrations.

Game of lamp
2013 & 2017

  • Built an 8x8 Neopixel & Arduino version of Game of Life
  • Used as a test of my embedded systems expertise


  • Built a MIPS processor simulator in C for a school project.
  • Included a dynamic cache with different options for performance that could then be benchmarked.

CU Boulder Senior project (lifeline)

  • Built a heart rate monitoring wristband with long-distance wireless charging.


  • Worked as one of the 2 main developers on an Angular.JS/NodeJS application.
  • Built out the backend, security, and facilitated migration off of Firebase.

DSP TracK senior project

  • Built a music processing engine with multiple models for classifying songs into different genres.

Noodles & Neurons

  • Built a recursive neural network that would create sounds from input tracks.
  • First iteration was in C++, second iteration was in Python.


  • Built a specification driven testing framework that generates Mocha tests based off of a Swagger API specification file.


  • Built a NodeJS based dynamic image resizing API.
  • Utilized the RESTful API model and Redis caching to make it fast and easy to use.


  • Built a REST API server with Flask that would pull a JSON object from Firebase, parse it into a more human readable and iterable format, and then push the new JSON object to S3.


  • Built a 2 wheeled robot from scratch, including closed loop speed control, basic wireless steering, and Arduino driven movement commands.
  • Constructed a final project that consisted of using a Raspberry Pi to drive the robot using inputs from Twitter.


  • Built a CLI for ServiceNow using Python and Requests.
  • Utilized modular design and objects to maximize usability and efficiency.
  • Focused on making it easy to use and easy to configure.


  • Group project to build an Arduino tilt-based music synthesizer.
  • Utilized I2C communication to pull input from an accelerometer and generate tones.


  • Built a Python based random password generator that uses dictionary words instead of random strings.


  • Built a ANSI color module in Python for use in command line based scripts.


  • Rebuilt an old Perl script used to alert users about disk usage on systems without quotas.
  • Heavily optimized the script using Linux commands and built-in Python constructs.
  • Built a configurable interface with a simple configuration file.

Digital clock

  • Designed and built a clock from scratch for CU EE’s freshman design course.
  • Done using a 555 1Hz oscillator, a self-built power supply, counters, and logic gates.

Senior Project: Thunderridge Highschool

  • Learned about basic penetration testing and website manipulation.
  • Tested findings on a local small business’ production site.


Angular 2+ • Angular JS • Apache • ARM • AWS • C • C++ • Coffeescript • CSS • Express • Fish • Firebase • Git • GM • Grunt • HTML • Javascript • Karma • Linux • Mathematica • Matlab • Mocha • Moment • Mongo DB • Node JS • NPM • Passport • PrimeNG • Q • SASS • SPICE • Socket IO • Stripe • Swagger • Typescript • Redis • Restify • Rethink DB • RxJs • Webpack

Notable Courses:

  • Advanced Humanities
  • Calculus 1, 2, & 3
  • Circuits 1 & 2
  • Data Structures
  • Differential Equations
  • Digital Design Lab
  • Digital Logic
  • Discrete Math
  • Engineering Economics
  • History of Technology
  • Linear Systems
  • Operating systems
  • Programming Digital Systems
  • Project Management


  • Speedcubing
  • Cooking
  • Music Curation
  • Open source programming
    • NPM and PIP Libraries
  • Church leadership
  • Technical writing
  • Hackathons:
    • HackCU Local Hack Day (October 2016)
    • HackCU 2016 (April 2016)
    • HackCU Local Hack Day (October 2015)
    • PicoCTF (May 2013)
    • Defcon CTF Qualifiers (May 2013)
  • VP of CU League of Legends Club: 2013-2015
  • Competitive Indoor Drumline: 2010-2013
  • Orange Belt in Judo: 2008-2012


  • 1 Debate Letter : 2009
  • 4 Band Letters : 2009 - 2012
  • 2 AP Scholar Awards: 2012 / 2013
  • Multi-Percussion Award: 2012
  • 4 Semesters Honor Roll (3.5 GPA +) : 2010 - 2012
  • 2 Semesters Principal’s Honor Roll (4.0 GPA +): 2012 - 2013
  • Graduate: Youth Leadership Douglas County: 2013
  • 3 Semesters Dean's List (3.75 GPA+)